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system through information exchange,
liaison and advocacy.

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National Association of State Workforce Agencies

444 North Capitol Street, N.W. Suite 142
Washington, D.C. 20001
(202) 434-8020 (GENERAL NUMBER)
(202) 434-8033 FAX
          Information Technology Support Center

25 E St., 3rd Floor
Washington, D.C. 20001
(202) 650-5150 (GENERAL NUMBER)
(202) 347-9870 FAX

Lou Ansaldi, ITSC Technology Director
Direct Phone Number: 202-650-5152
Staff Responsibilities

Patricia B. Auerbach, Workforce Development Specialist
Direct Phone Number: 202-650-5160
Staff Responsibilities

James Black, Chief Financial Officer and Fiscal and Administrative Director
Direct Phone Number: 202-650-5153
Staff Responsibilities

Cynthia Burns, UI Subject Matter Expert
Phone Number: (202) 650-5150
Staff Responsibilities

Wanda Burth , Unemployment Insurance Training Administrator
Phone Number: (202) 744-2911 (Cell)
Staff Responsibilities

Yvette Chocolaad, Employment and Training Director
Direct Phone Number: 202-434-8046
Staff Responsibilities

Pam Gerassimides, National Labor Exchange Director and Assistant Executive Director
Direct Phone Number: 202-434-8026
Staff Responsibilities

Tim Griffith, Staff Assistant
Direct Phone Number: 202-434-8031
Staff Responsibilities

Stephen Hanle, Network Administrator
Phone Number: (202) 650-5169

Richard A. Hobbie, Executive Director
Direct Phone Number: 202-434-8022
Staff Responsibilities

Mariann Huggins, Staff Assistant
Direct Phone Number: (202) 650-5162
Staff Responsibilities

Susan Johnson, Project Manager
Direct Phone Number: (202) 744-3402
Staff Responsibilities

Marc Katz, Congressional, Intergovernmental and Public Affairs Director
Direct Phone Number: 202-434-8023
Staff Responsibilities

Thomas J. Kusnirik, Assistant Technology Director
Direct Phone Number: 202-650-5156
Cell Phone Number: 202-744-7947
Staff Responsibilities

Brian Langley, Unemployment Insurance Director
Direct Phone Number: (202) 434-8025
Staff Responsibilities

Colin Lennox, PMO Director
Direct Phone Number: (202) 650-5159
Staff Responsibilities

Josephine Link, Staff Assistant
Direct Phone Number: (202) 434-8029

David McGuire, UI Subject Matter Expert
Direct Phone Number: (202) 744-2928
Staff Responsibilities

Marie Moss, Project Manager
Direct Phone Number: (202) 744-5149
Staff Responsibilities

Martina L. Pass, Office & Membership Services Manager
Direct Phone Number: 202-434-8030
Staff Responsibilities

Chris Peretto, SIDES Director
Direct Phone Number: 202-744-9182
Staff Responsibilities

J. D. Pinnix, Principal Program Analyst
Direct Phone Number: 202-577-9360
Staff Responsibilities

Justin Prister , Accountant
Direct Phone Number: 202-434-8028
Staff Responsibilities

John Quichocho, ITSC Product Manager
Direct Phone Number: (202) 650-5165
Staff Responsibilities

Cornelia Scruggs, Grant Accountant
Direct Phone Number: 202-650-5157
Staff Responsibilities

John Sharkey, Part Time State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) Business Manager
Direct Phone Number: 202-744-2649
Staff Responsibilities

Bob Simoneau, Deputy Executive Director
Direct Phone Number: 202-434-8021
Staff Responsibilities

Charlie Terrell, Operations Manager, National Labor Exchange
Direct Phone Number: 202-434-8045
Staff Responsibilities

Jim Van Erden, Senior Policy Advisor
Direct Phone Number: (202) 434-8027
Staff Responsibilities

Joe Vitale, Director, ITSC
Direct Phone Number: 202-650-5151
Cell Phone Number: 202-744-8206
Staff Responsibilities

Don Wehbey, Labor Market Information Director
Direct Phone Number: 202-434-8024

Staff Responsibilities

Lou Ansaldi

Patricia B. Auerbach
  • Subject Matter Expert Workforce Development
  • Identify and Document State and Local Best Practices in the Workforce Development program areas
  • Review and evaluate vendor and state proposals
  • conduct Research in various Workforce Development initiatives
  • Develop and write analytical reports
James Black
  • Chief Financial Officer for NASWA and CESER
  • Grants/Contracts Management for CESER
  • Human Resources Director
  • Staff Liaison for Audit and Investment Committee
  • Support Liaison for Administration and Finance Committee
  • Contracts Management for NASWA
  • Enhanced Membership Accounts Management
Cynthia Burns
  • UI Program Analyst
  • UI Business Liaison to States
  • Proposal Evaluations
  • Business Process Review and Analysis
  • Update UI Section on ITSC Website
Wanda Burth
  • Develop curriculum for in-person courses regarding several US DOL program areas
  • Deliver in-person courses
  • Develop and maintain a web site for class notes
  • Develop and maintain eLearning solutions for suitable topics
  • Develop and maintain a record keeping system for course participation
  • Deliver live on-line training sessions
  • Review RFP's for training related topics
Yvette Chocolaad
  • Staff Director, Employment and Training Committee
  • Program areas:
    • Federal-state workforce development system
    • Reemployment of UI claimants
  • Manager and contributor, NASWA/CESER research projects
    • Recovery Act study for ETA
    • UI program survey project for Urban Institute/Rockefeller Foundation
    • Workforce programs survey project for Urban Institute/Rockefeller Foundation
    • Promising reemployment practices project for ETA
  • Special projects, such as writing policy papers and editing reports
  • Research and policy analysis; program evaluation; survey design
  • Member, National Academy of Social Insurance
Pam Gerassimides
  • National Labor Exchange Director
  • Operations Committee of National Labor Exchange Member
  • America's Job Link Alliance Liaison
  • International Development Activities
Tim Griffith
  • Performs all support team responsibilities
  • Supports National Labor Exchange (NLX) Director and Operations Manager
  • Offers meeting support - including, but not limited to: packages, name tents, meeting receipts, and mailings, for NLX Operations Committee
  • Supports Director of Congressional, Intergovernmental and Public Affairs
  • Offers meeting support - including, but not limited to: packages, name tents, meeting receipts, and mailings, for the Administration and Finance Committee
  • Supports production of the weekly Bulletin, including developing Excel analyses and Bulletin articles.
Richard Hobbie
Rich Hobbie's Bio
  • NASWA Chief Executive Officer
  • CESER Chief Executive Officer
  • National Labor Exchange Executive Committee Member
  • NASWA Board of Directors Liaison
  • U.S. Department of Labor Liaison
  • Federal Agency Liaison
  • Congressional Liaison
  • Business and other Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) Liaison
  • Board of Directors Treasurer, National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI)
  • Board Member of the UWC Foundation
  • President's Award Liaison
  • Co-Director of the Recovery Act Study for USDOL/ETA
Mariann Huggins
  • Performs all support team responsibilities
  • Coordinates background materials and briefing packages for ITSC projects and meetings and other workgroups as assigned
  • Reviews documents, legislation, policies, surveys and studies; conducts analysis of these resources and provides reports or synopsis for ITSC staff and members
  • Conducts special projects such as developing: creating searchable databases, spreadsheets, charts and graphs for presentations
  • Offers meeting support -- including, but not limited to: packages, name tents, meeting receipts, and mailings for the ITSC Steering Committee
  • Maintains ITSC Project Plans in MS Project and produces reports as required.
  • The staff assistant will work with the CESER and ITSC Directors on technology projects for the Unemployment Insurance program
Susan Johnson
  • Project Manager for ITSC Core and State Funded Projects
  • UI Business Liaison to the States
  • UI Business Process Review and Analysis
  • Proposal Development, Review and Evaluation
  • Manage an ITSC team of UI and IT Staff conducting Requirements Analysis
Marc Katz
  • Congressional Liaison
  • Intergovernmental Liaison
  • Public Liaison
  • Budget and Appropriations Advocacy
  • Legislative Liaison
  • NASWA Workforce Bulletin Editor
  • National Governors Association Liaison
Thomas J. Kusnirik
  • ITSC Assistant Technology Director
  • Technical liaison to states
  • Use Case and Requirements development
  • Proposal evaluations
  • Oversee ITSC application development projects
  • UI IT Modernization project support
Brian Langley, Unemployment Insurance Director
  • Federal-State Unemployment Insurance System
  • Unemployment Insurance Committee Liaison
  • Interstate Benefits Committee Liaison
  • National UI Directors and Legal Issues Forum Liaison
  • Biennial UI Integrity Conference Liaison
  • Biennial National UI Tax Conference Liaison
  • Biennial Interstate Benefits Conference Liaison
  • U.S. Treasury and Internal Revenue Service Liaison
  • UI Information Technology Support Center (ITSC) Steering Committee Liaison
Colin Lennox
  • ITSC Project Management Office (PMO) Director
  • ITSC Project Management and vendor selection process creation
  • RFP Creation and vendor proposal review lead
  • Project Manager for ITSC Core and State Funded projects
Dave McGuire
  • Senior UI Program Analyst
  • UI Business Liaison to States
  • Proposal Evaluations
  • Business Process Analysis and Recommendations
  • UI IT Modernization Project Support
Marie Moss
  • Project Manager for ITSC Core and State Funded Projects
  • UI Business Liaison to the States
  • UI Business Process and Standard Operating Procedures Review and Analysis
  • Manage an ITSC team of UI and IT Staff Developing Requirements of a New UI IT System
  • Proposal Development, Review and Evaluations
Martina L. Pass
  • Performs all support team responsibilities
  • Acts as librarian and historian of NASWA/CESER
  • Maintains and updates Committee lists each year
  • Maintains and updates all Program Director lists
  • Coordinates awards process and Salute to Leadership brochure for NASWA Annual Conference.
  • Offers meeting support -- including, but not limited to: packages, name tents, meeting receipts, and mailings for the WIA Attorney's Workgroup, the Veterans' Affairs (VETs) Committee, Employment and Training (E&T) Committee, Unemployment Insurance (UI) Committee and Interstate Benefits (IB) Subcommittee
  • Offers administrative support for assigned committees' annual conferences, coordinates background materials and briefing packages for national membership meetings and other national workgroups as assigned
  • Coordinate and box all contents for NASWA Winter Policy Forum and NASWA Annual Conference.
  • Provides assistance to the hosting state for the NASWA Annual Conference
  • Assist meeting planner with logistics/meal planning for NASWA Winter Policy Forum and NASWA Annual Conference
  • Coordinates shipment of Winter Policy Forum and Annual Conference materials
  • Assists NASWA Executive Director with meetings for the National Academy of Social Insurance
  • Assists Executive Director in coordination and production of Board of Director's books
  • Manages office files
  • Produces and mails all committee nomination packages, collects nomination information, and enters into the database
  • Provides support to the National Labor Exchange
  • Oversees management of printers
  • Provides information packages for new administrators
  • Oversees the ordering of all office supplies
  • Oversees copying of documents sent to State Services Organization (SSO) in building
  • Assist incoming employees with office keys, building/parking passes
  • (Upon NASWA employee departure) Collects keys, building, parking passes, and notifies respective organizations with agreements or leases to cancel passes.
  • Changes the passcode on the NASWA front door periodically, and whenever an employee terminates their employment with NASWA.
Chris Peretto
  • Promote UI SIDES and assist states and employers with the development and implementation of UI SIDES
  • Manage oversee and direct staff and vendors providing services to the UI SIDES system
  • Provide staff support to the UI SIDES Executive and Operations Committees
  • Develop a strategic plan for UI SIDES
  • Develop an Operational Budget for UI SIDES
J. D. Pinnix
  • Principle Program Analyst
  • Technical liaison to states
  • Use Case and Requirements development
  • Proposal evaluations
  • UI IT Modernization project support
Justin Prister
  • Accountant for NASWA and AJLA
  • Enhanced Membership Services Accounts Manager
  • Credit Card processing Manager
  • Meetings and Conferences accounting support
  • Support Liaison for Administration and Finance Committee
  • Assists in Contracts Management for NASWA
John Quichocho
  • Manage the ITSC product line of software tools and services available to states including: OccuCoder, SDDS, Sharepoint Portal Services, Best Practices Repository, Claimant and Employer Message Products and the UI Website Prototype.
  • Support user groups for SDDS and OccuCoder
  • Gather and prioritize new features and enhancements of current ITSC products
  • Develop marketing strategies and tools to encourage states to adopt the products
Cornelia Scruggs
  • Manages grant reporting, analysis and tracking including budget development grant forecasting, and invoicing associated with each CESER/ITSC grant.
  • General accounting responsibilities related to CESER Grants and contracts.
  • Develops financial accounting reports for management, Board of Directors and ITSC Steering Committee.
  • Ensures organization and funding policies and procedures are followed
  • Interacts with appropriate external entities from USDOL and the State of Maryland.
John Sharkey
  • Develop SIDES Strategic Plan
  • Develop SIDES Operational Budget
  • Design and Implement SIDES Participation Subscription Service and Costs for States
  • Transition Operation and Continued Development of SIDES to New Full time Project Manager
Bob Simoneau
  • Workforce Employment and Training Committee Liaison
  • Veterans Affairs Committee Liaison
  • Workforce Attorneys Workgroup Liaison
  • Salute to Leadership Awards Program
  • Mark Sanders Award Liaison
  • Eagle, SEAL, and Walls Award Liaison
  • Workforce Investment Act Programs
  • Employment Service Program
  • Veterans Employment and Training
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program
  • Prisoner Reentry Initiative
  • Foreign Labor Certification
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program
  • Business Services
  • Workforce Bulletin Contributor
Charlie Terrell
  • Manages daily operations of the NLX, including:
    • Automated job order uploads and downloads
    • Problem resolution
    • Hosted sites
  • Responsible for NASWA Member l awareness of new and current NLX services, including:
    • Organizes state and local staff presentations and webinars;
    • Designs and disseminates marketing materials and articles; and
    • Supports NLX analysis, testimony, communications.
  • NLX Social Media Manager and Social Jobs Partnership liaison.
  • Supports NLX Operations Committee.
Jim Van Erden
  • Senior Policy Advisor
  • ITSC Project Director
  • UI Actuarial Analysis
  • Data Analysis and Modeling
  • Survey Design
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Workforce Investment Act
  • Apprenticeship
  • Contract and Grant Administration
  • National Labor Exchange
Joe Vitale
  • ITSC Director
  • USDOL and ITSC Liaison
  • ITSC Steering Committee Liaison
Don Wehbey
  • Labor Market Information (LMI) Committee Liaison
  • LMI Conference Liaison
  • Vladimir Chavrid Award, LMI Publications/Communications Awards Liaison
  • Workforce Information Council Liaison
  • Equal Opportunity (EO) Committee Liaison
  • EO Conference Liaison
  • William J. Harris Award Liaison
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics, Civil Rights Center, Employment and Training Administration Core Products and Services Grants Liaison
  • Projections Managing Partnership Member
  • Immigration Policy
  • NASWA web site
Support Team Responsibilities
  • Answers general telephone calls and greets visitors
  • Processes state mailings
  • Prepares and ships Federal Express packages
  • Photocopies and faxes documents
  • Sets up in-house meetings, orders AV equipment, and makes food arrangements
  • Provides administrative support for national membership conferences
  • Supports other team members with their committee meetings and conferences
  • Offers executive assistance when necessary
  • Assists callers with the NASWA web site questions/issues, offers recommendations for website improvements
  • Provides all necessary support for various CESER projects - including mailings, meeting arrangement, etc.
  • Supports appropriate CESER contractors
  • Identifies supply needs and when appropriate orders office supplies
  • Offers recommendations for workflow process improvements
  • Assists state members in opening NASWA web site accounts
  • Assists state members in registering for meetings


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