NASWA Members Adopt Workforce Investment Act Principles

Mar 01, 2013

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This week NASWA members voiced their support in a "ballot vote" for a set of "principles" associated with the reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). The "principles" serve as a foundation for NASWA to work with Congress to further refine legislation to reauthorize WIA.

Reauthorization of WIA was discussed at NASWA’s Winter Policy Conference last week and under the direction of NASWA President Laurie Warner (OR) all administrators were asked to vote on the set of "principles." Responses were received by 47 states and territories, adopting the principles. These principles have been communicated to congressional leaders with jurisdiction over the Workforce Investment Act as well as the U.S. Department of Labor.

Click the PDF document to view the letter.

The "principles" agreed to include the following regarding WIA reauthorization efforts:
  1. Support the principle of workforce funding stream consolidation with maximum flexibility for governors in implementation.
  2. Maintain state level labor exchange services.
  3. Maintain state-administered reemployment services to Unemployment Insurance claimants, which would increase employment and lower unemployment taxes on employers.
  4. Support ability of governors to determine local workforce investment area configurations for maximum efficiency.
  5. Maintain the ability to provide workforce funding for states to respond to emergencies.
  6. Maintain state oversight of the one-stop delivery system.
  7. Support a performance-driven, locally delivered workforce system with accountability that includes common measures, enforced by governors, and streamlined reporting requirements.
  8. Expand the role of business representatives in the governance structure.
  9. Maintain priority of service and service levels for veterans.