Presentations from 2012 National UI Directors Conference and IT/Legal Issues Forum Now Available

Nov 08, 2012

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This year's National UI Directors’ Conference and IT/Legal Issues Forum that the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation hosted in Reno, Nevada was an extremely important forum for states to discuss unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, tax, appeals, modernization, and legislative issues.

Forty-five states were represented at the national UI meeting with over 300 individuals attending. The presentations from this year's National UI Directors meeting offer a wealth of information on topics ranged from UI Integrity to UI Trust Fund Solvency.

Click the PDF document to view the conference agenda and links to presentations.

If you would like to access all the presentations from the 2012 UI Directors Conference by category, please go to NASWA's Conference Presentation Database, to search for presentations across a wide range of unemployment and workforce system topics.