New Survey to Assess States as Employers-of-Choice; Project Seeks State Agencies to Participate

Apr 15, 2008

The Workforce ATM

New Survey to Assess States as Employers-of-Choice
Project Seeks State Agencies to Participate

The Twiga Foundation, Inc. located in Boise, Idaho and the State Perspectives Institute at Boston College are seeking states to participate in a survey for a new project to assess states' readiness to be employers-of-choice. All responses will be kept confidential and there will be no cost to participating state agencies, thanks to the generous support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

The broadest intent of this practice-based project is to increase awareness of the aging public sector workforce as well as provide assessment of the readiness of states to be "employers-of-choice" for the public sector workforce. Through the development of practice tools, the project will convene online working groups to provide states with technical assistance in promoting workplace flexibility practices for the public sector.

"The aging of the workforce presents challenges and opportunities to states as it does to all employers," says Patricia Kempthorne, Founder & Executive Director of the Twiga Foundation, Inc. "By participating, states will have the opportunity to learn about workplace practices that manage our multigenerational workforce in a way that can make states employers-of-choice."

The two-year project is designed to provide administrators in state agencies across the country with information and technical assistance about effective models of workplace practice - including workplace flexibility - that can help them recruit, engage, and retain the best talent possible.

For more information or to participating in the States as Employers-of-Choice project, please contact Bob Davis, Program Director,