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Classified Ads

Posting Date Job Description Closing Date
8/19/14 New Jersey Job Announcement: Director, Division of Unemployment Insurance, Senior Executive Service 9/15/14
8/11/14 Maher & Maher Position Announcement: Open Until Filled
8/11/14 NASWA Position Announcement: Staff Assistant 8/27/14
7/16/14 Connecticut Position Announcement: UI Director Open Until Filled
6/23/14 Maher & Maher: Assistant Project Manager - Workforce Development Open Until Filled
6/02/14 Goodwill Position Announcement: Manager of Public Policy Analysis and Outreach Open Until Filled
5/08/14 Position Announcement: Workforce System Information Technology Systems (IT) Subject Matter Expert (SME). Open Until Filled
5/06/14 District of Columbia Position Announcement: Associate Director for Labor Market and Workforce Research & Analysis Open Until Filled
9/26/13 District of Columbia Position Announcement: Unemployment Compensation Compliance Officer Open Until Filled
9/19/13 South Dakota Position Announcement: Cabinet Secretary, Department of Labor and Regulation Open Until Filled
8/30/13 Workforce Development Subject Matter Experts Needed Open Until Filled
8/30/13 Opportunities for Unemployment Insurance Subject Matter Experts Open Until Filled


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