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Administration & Finance

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To review and provide methods for the exchange of information among states about federal appropriations, resource justification, performance measures, new state and federal regulations, federal audit and financial reporting systems.

  • Development of information to help with Legislative Issues
  • Supplemental Survey Reporting: The survey has been expanded to include WIA expenditure data and streamlined online; Data used to compile information on states that are successful in receiving additional funding from their state legislatures.
  • WIA administrative and fiscal issues include cost allocation, MOUs, administrative caps, and supply information to the obligations versus expenditure debate and USDOL and Congress
  • Unemployment Insurance administrative and fiscal issues include cost allocation, MOUs, FUTA, the Resource Justification Model and development of information to supply Congress with the true costs and benefits of managing the UI programs.
  • Promote the sharing of best practices, lessons learned and template materials that can be replicated by members
  • Development of data on infrastructure and administrative costs to run the various workforce programs
  • Performance Measures and reporting
  • Administrative issues such as postage, employee retirement, etc.
  • Government Accounting and Auditing Standards
  • Fiscal controls and oversight
  • OIG Audit Issue
  • IT development issues

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