Strengthening the workforce
system through information exchange,
liaison and advocacy.

Information Technology

U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration Division of Workfore System Support is responsible for:

  • Providing guidance, technical assistance, and support for system governance functions including WIA State strategic planning, modification process, waivers, complaints, and appeals
  • Building the capacity of the workforce investment system to implement the WIRED framework through dissemination of model approaches, tools, products information, curriculum, etc. flowing from WIRED, High Growth, Community Based Job Training (CBJT) grants, and other strategic investments, through Workforce3One and development of Webinars and significant contributions to Workforce Innovations
  • Developing and implementing new communications forums with the workforce investment system to increase the ability to understand and implement the WIRED framework
  • Collaborating within ETA, and with both public and private entities, to integrate and leverage investment of resources and promote system change to the WIRED framework, including, but not limited to, the Business Learning Partnerships (NBLP) initiative.

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