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In partnership with states, the U.S. Department of Labor provides support to states to collect data, produce core workforce information products and provide services. These investments are designed to better integrate workforce information services into states' and local boards' strategic planning, into One-Stop partner service delivery strategies, and into effective tools to assist workers and businesses with aligning career and workforce goals.

States are encouraged to integrate and apply workforce information into workforce investment decision-making, which includes strengthening the system's knowledge of local economic conditions, local labor market analysis, business workforce needs and economic development initiatives. The prevailing theory is that integrating workforce information into the decision-making processes of state and local workforce investment boards, One-Stop partners and One-Stop operations, will result in better decisions to match economic development and workforce needs, improved customer service and greater positive outcomes.

Labor market information services in states include providing information on state and local labor market conditions; industries, occupations and characteristics of the workforce; area business identified skills needs; employer wage and benefit trends; short- and long-term industry and occupational projections; worker supply and demand; and job vacancies survey results. Additionally, workforce information also includes local employment dynamics information such as workforce availability; business turnover rates; job creation; and job identification of high growth and high demand industries.

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