NASWA/LinkedIn Partnership

Oct 28, 2017

NASWA – LinkedIn Partnership

The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) recently signed a first of its kind partnership agreement with LinkedIn Corporation.  The partnership brings new opportunities for state workforce agencies by increasing the relevancy of state workforce agencies to employers and jobseekers, providing consistent and quality training for states and better employment outcomes for workforce customers.

Key Features:

  1. State job bank openings will be available to all LinkedIn users.
  2. Custom-built training and tools for state agency staff and self-service customers will be created by LinkedIn on how to effectively conduct online networking.
  3. LinkedIn will keep state workforce leaders up-to-date on their projects and future developments in the workforce space.


State job bank openings on LinkedIn:

Why: The ultimate benefit of uploading state job bank openings into LinkedIn is a better connection between employers and job seekers. State workforce agencies will:

  • Increase overall job seeker traffic to state job banks, improving online visibility. 
  • Have access to a new and different set of job seekers who may not normally utilize or be aware of state workforce agencies and their employment and reemployment services. 
  • Enhance their benefit proposition to employers using state job banks. States can inform employers listing with state job banks that their job openings will now be available on LinkedIn and they will have access to an additional pool of professionals.

Who: Job opening uploads to LinkedIn will be performed by NASWA’s National Labor Exchange (NLx) where a daily feed of state jobs content is currently shared. 

  • No additional resources will be required by state agency staff. 

How: The upload of state job bank openings to LinkedIn will involve only jobs posted by employers registered in state job banks – and not jobs grabbed from other sites. 

  • Only jobs stating the employer’s specific name will be added to LinkedIn.

When: Jobs have been uploading to LinkedIn since December 2016.


Staff Training/Tools on Effective Online Networking:

Why:  Networking has always been a key component of job search. Today, online networking has become the new forum to amplify one’s chances of finding the right match. 


  • Training and tools developed under this part of the partnership agreement will provide workforce system staff with information on how to best assist job seekers’ effective use of LinkedIn for online career networking.
  • State and local staff will be more relevant to today’s job seekers and recruitment process with better outcomes for the customer.  
  • Using material straight from the source will provide the workforce system a consistent and quality training tool. 


Who: LinkedIn will develop the training and tools.

How: The training will be rolled out via webinars and NASWA forums (conferences, committee meetings, etc.).  Resources will also be made available online – states may choose to link to training tools from their job seeker self-assisted resource pages.  

When:  Rollout will begin December 2017.  


Information Exchange:

NASWA will work with LinkedIn to keep members informed of LinkedIn initiatives with states, such as the Colorado-Skillful project, to provide opportunities and take advantage of their findings. LinkedIn will also update members of other developments, such as the Economic Graph, additional research, Veterans programs, and more. 



If you are a state workforce agency and have any questions or would like to find out additional information concerning this partnership, please contact