NLx Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the NLx validate employers so I know I'm looking at real jobs at real companies?

A: The NLx collects jobs directly from the original source. This could be from a company's corporate website, the state workforce agency job bank, or from a federal partner's website. The NLx takes validation seriously to ensure only real jobs from verified employers are made available and only goes to original sources for content, thus keeping the content unduplicated. Employers are validated and approved in three ways:

  1. State Workforce Agency (or American Job Center) staff validate employers before their jobs are entered into a state's job bank. These jobs are automatically fed into the NLx universe of jobs.
  2. DirectEmployers will validate an employer when a request for indexing is received – and jobs are indexed (pulled or scraped) only from the company's corporate website. A Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is required when an employer index request is submitted – and is checked for validity.
  3. Federal jobs from are validated through the federal government.
Q: Are these real, current jobs, available today?

A: Yes, the NLx only gets job content from three sources (state job banks, corporate websites and and the feed is refreshed on a daily basis. So, when a job is taken off a corporate website, state job bank, or, it will no longer be made available for viewing on the NLx – usually by the next day, depending on when the job was removed from the source site.

Q: If 1.8 million jobs openings are available on the NLx, how do I know they are open and receiving resumes/applications?

A: When a jobseeker selects the "apply" button he/she is taken back to the original source of the job. The NLx is refreshed with new content every 24 hours, leaving very little chance you will be directed to a link that is no longer active. If the job selected was indexed by an employer, the jobseeker would be directed to the employer's corporate site – and would apply according to the employer's application/hiring process.

If a selected job originated on a state job bank, the jobseeker would be directed to the appropriate state job bank, and would be expected to follow both the state's application process and the individual employer's application/hiring process. If a job was selected from a federal partner, the jobseeker would be directed to to apply and would be expected to follow the federal government's application process.

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