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The purpose of the Model Claimant Handbook is to provide a guide for states that want to simplify and update their claimant handbook. The Model Handbook draws upon behavioral insights and document layout best practices to assist states in producing a handbook that is easy for claimants to read and understand. The Handbook consists of two documents: a PDF of instructions for how to use and modify the handbook, as well as an editable template (Word document) that can be easily customized by states.

Model Claimant Handbook

The Unemployment Insurance (UI) Integrity Center (Center) is a joint federal-state initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) and operated by the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA). The Center’s mission is to be resource for integrity strategies, focusing on the prevention, detection, and recovery of improper payments. One of the Center’s key effort is the UI National Integrity Academy (NIA) that provides rigorous integrity-related training and certification programs to state workforce agencies (SWAs).

2019 UI National Integrity Academy Learners Skill Gains

NASWA Learning is dedicated to providing rigorous and relevant training programs to state workforce agencies. To assist NASWA in its mission to "enhance the state workforce agencies’ ability to accomplish their goals, statutory roles, and responsibilities," NASWA Learning offers a series of curriculum programs designed to help state workforce agency staff members enhance their knowledge and skills.

Tips: Top Integrity Practices & Solutions

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  • Trainings that reduce errors, save time, and conserve resources
  • Learning opportunities that facilitate better integration of your new staff
  • Insights that can lower improper payment rates
  • Resources to solve any challenge that stands in the way of reaching goals.

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NASWA Learning

  • Enhanced Learning system.
  • Self-paced and on-demand or scheduled virtual instructor-led classes
  • Personalized course schedule
  • Intuitive and interactive system
  • Customizable learning profile
  • Searchable catalog
  • Content recommendations

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