Associate Director, Unemployment Compensation

DC Department of Employment Services (DOES)

This position is located in the Department of Employment Services (DOES), Employment Security Services and reports to the Deputy Director. The Associate Director for Unemployment Compensation has full responsibility for administering the District’s overall unemployment insurance program. The Associate Director will work with department officials, US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, other federal, regional and District government officials, the employer community, UI counterparts throughout the country, various community groups, organizations and associations, as well as applicants/claimants for unemployment insurance.

Some of the responsibilities of the Associate Director are to:

  • Plan, organize, direct, implement, and control the District of Columbia’s Unemployment Insurance Program,
  • Formulate, develop, promulgate, and execute relevant policies, rules, regulations, resolutions and standards,
  • Formulate standards for the operation of the office to ensure conformity with the Social Security Act and various other federal acts and standards relating to unemployment compensation and other federal requirements,
  • Develop policies and procedures relating to disqualifications, cancellation of benefits, eligibility for benefits, handling appeals, and the study, development, and use of proper and efficient methods and research to prepare new legislation,
  • Maintain and safeguard the Unemployment Trust Fund as provided in the Unemployment Compensation Act,
  • Provide daily administration of the Office of Unemployment Compensation, which includes:
    • Fixing tax rates for each employer annually in accordance with the length of time the employer has been covered under the provision of the Act and the amount of benefit payments that is chargeable to the employer’s account
    • Adjusting each employer’s account to credit such account with interest earned on the Trust Fund where applicable under the Unemployment Compensation Act
    • Collecting contributions (taxes), which are due quarterly, from employers in accordance with the established rates
    • Assessing the waiver of such penalty for good cause
    • Operating a program of field audits of employers and enforcing compliance with the law and regulations
    • Paying benefits to eligible applicants accurately and promptly, and
    • Collecting and processing statistical data to be used in recurring reports for administrative purposes and determination of budget needs.

The deadline for this job posting is March 11, 2021.