Director, Research and Evaluation

U.S. Department of Labor, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy

Announcement Number: DE-23-PHIL-OASP-0003

This announcement is open to all U.S. Citizens.

  • Directs the design of evaluation and research projects carried out by contractors and managed by evaluation specialists in the organization, and oversees the quality of the technical and statistical products.
  • Assesses program operations and policies, to provide authoritative information, analyses, and evaluation of problems and issues relative to a variety of programs, regulations, policies and initiatives.
  • Makes specific decisions regarding the most appropriate direction for evaluating programs and initiatives.
  • Provides agency technical personnel with guidance in developing innovative projects in other substantive areas.
  • Communicates implications of findings and results for performance improvement.
  • Leading and developing the Department’s annual Evaluation Plan.
  • Develop and train others on new technical procedures and policies, and oversees the quality of the statistical and data analysis produced by technical subordinates and others.
  • Create and conduct a systematic research program for a problem areas of such size and complexity that it must be approached through a thorough, methodologically sound, and program-relevant research study.
  • Initiate research toward the solution of those problems and oversees their implementation.
  • Apply and adapt sophisticated analytical techniques and generates ideas for new programs, policies or approaches.


The deadline for this job posting is December 9, 2022