Evaluation Consultant Independent Contractor Services

The Unemployment Insurance Integrity Center (Center) is seeking an individual to provide evaluation support services to the IDV project evaluation described above. The individual would work closely with the Center’s Director of Research and Evaluation and Research and Evaluation Specialist on all aspects of the IDV project evaluation from developing the evaluation design report, creating data collection instruments and writing of the final report. Provided below are the planned duties and responsibilities the prospective contractor would complete in conjunction with the Center’s Evaluation Team to assist successful completion of the IDV project evaluation.

The Center will conduct an evaluation of the IDV project to document implementation and lessons learned by early implementing SWAs and initial project outcomes related to prevented and detected UI identity theft claims. The evaluation will focus on whether early-adopting states found IDV output useful in identifying and preventing identity theft claims. The IDV project evaluation intends to be formative in nature, synthesizing the feedback and experiences of the early-adopting states to better inform future state adoption and use of the IDV platform.