Executive Director - Office of Workforce Development

Mississippi State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB)

Today, workforce serves as one of the top drivers in determining the location of businesses and capital investment. As such, the new leader of SWIB must have a proven track record of aligning efforts and initiatives to create and sustain economic activity.

Mississippi’s State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB) has a clear and focused mission statement: To develop and implement a strategy to maximize the state’s education, training, and employment service resources in support of economic development.

SWIB has adopted three broad goals to help achieve its mission:

  1. Install an accountability system to track system-wide results and funding
  2.  Consolidate workforce training efforts and reduce redundancy and administration
  3. Involve businesses in defining training needs

In recent years, SWIB has consolidated and strengthened the state’s workforce development system to make it more efficient, customer-friendly and demand-driven. SWIB has also developed and implemented a statewide performance management system, known as the Integrated Longitudinal Education and Workforce Performance Management System. The system allows for the collection and analysis of education, training and placement data across all public workforce and education service providers throughout Mississippi – including the community and junior college system, the state’s largest training provider.