UI Hearings Officer

Montana Department of Labor & Industry

As a Hearings Officer you will: 
  • Hold unemployment hearings and issue decisions 90% of the time.
  • Perform pre-hearing procedures (review case files, research state & federal statutes, issue subpoenas, and prepare motions).
  • Conduct hearings in which parties are afforded the opportunity to pursue or defend their rights under applicable law.
  • Prepare and issue decisions
  • File, record, and schedule activities to resolve all Unemployment Insurance benefit issues within 30 days of the date the aggrieved party appealed.
  • Conduct hearings involving other employment issues and public hearings related to the adoption of or changes to the Administrative Rules of Montana 5% of the time.
  • Participate in or lead research project teams and be assigned other duties necessary to fulfill the office’s goals and duties 5% of the time.