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The NLx partnership offers state workforce agencies a number of no-cost beneficial services, including: downloads and uploads of jobs; hosted sites; indexing; .jobs microsites; analytics; VEVRAA compliance as a business service. Targeted training and technical assistance, is available upon request.

Downloads and Uploads of Job Openings

All states and most territories (including the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico) have signed formal NLx participation agreements and are considered a partner in its operation. Each state workforce agency can choose the NLx service that suits its needs. State workforce agencies can enhance their job openings by downloading thousands of unduplicated, current NLx jobs, from vetted employers. The technical aspects of set up, exchanging, and sharing job files are managed by the technology team at DirectEmployers Association. State partners are able to take the entire national jobs file or individual state files. State job files can also be set up to include certain zip codes of neighboring states or a specified radius around the state.

For more information about selecting, adding or changing a state's selection of job openings to upload and download, please contact Josie Link, Operations Manager, NLx.

To view the most current status of the NLx in your state, visit the State NLx Profile Page.

Indexing (a No Cost Customizable Spider)

A true national labor exchange, the NLx indexes (or scrapes, with permission) over 18,000 employers. The employer community indexed includes both DirectEmployers member companies and those who are not members, but would like their jobs to appear in the NLx.

State workforce agencies can help increase the total NLx job openings number and increase their number of job openings available for download by identifying "indexable" businesses, notifying the NLx, and subsequently downloading the newly identified job opening daily. This great NASWA member benefit is a service state business outreach staff can offer as a no-cost benefit to their business customers at no cost.

State business outreach staff contact and verify employers per state procedure. Once an employer is verified, state staff directs to "index" this employer's site. Indexing is the process of extracting data from other websites in a way that allows it to be scanned and searched easily by an end user. Jobseekers who select a job title on the search results page are taken directly to the job listing on the corporate site. Indexed jobs are added in the NLx and made available to participating state workforce agency job banks.

In order for jobs to be considered for automatic indexing into the state job bank and the NLx, a corporate career site must include the following criteria for each posting:

  • Job Title
  • Location (City and State)
  • Job Description
  • Apply Method
Indexing minimizes the need for manually posting jobs, allowing state business service staff more time for direct client service.

To learn more information on indexing, please view this Brainshark presentation:

To request indexing, email Josie Link, NLx Operations Manager at

.Jobs Microsites

Jobseeker online searching behavior has radically changed. Today's jobseekers begin their search on search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, etc), use their mobile devices, and expect to be able to leverage social media as part of their networking. Capitalizing on these behaviors, the NLx has moved to populate a large network of new domains dedicated to employment called ".jobs." Because these sites are search engine optimized, social media integrated, and mobile enabled, they attract a much larger number of jobseekers directing them back to the originating source either the corporate site or a state job bank.

Microsites allow states to broadcast job openings targeting specific job seeker searches, industry sectors, or other state initiatives. The NLx offers state workforce agencies up to ten .jobs branded sites. To develop/implement microsites, you must be accepting the NLx download. Microsites link to the current state job bank, offering the advantages of the .jobs platform. There is no cost associated with this service. To view a complete list of state workforce agencies currently using the microsite benefit, please visit the State Microsite page.

Hosted Sites

The NLx provides a no cost labor exchange solution, tailored to the preferences of a state workforce agency. The job bank solution offers flexibility in look and feel and can be easily administered by state workforce agency staff. In addition to cost savings, this option offers hosted states the full breadth of benefits and services, including search engine optimization, social media integration, and built-in mobile readiness.

Currently, Nevada, New York, and Puerto Rico are being fully hosted by the NLx. To view these job banks, click on the state below:

If you are interested in receiving this service or want to learn more, please email Josie Link, NLx Operations Manager, at


The NLx offers an analytics dashboard tool enabling state workforce agencies to view transactional data about job seeker searches.

The tool captures: (1) the flow of job seeker traffic into state job banks from the NLx; and (2) the flow of job seekers from state job banks to jobs originating from employers websites. O*NET coding of job postings allow for in-depth manipulation of data and the production of different reports.

Analytics tools allow states to document that a state job bank is sending traffic to an employer's website – demonstrating market share. In addition, employers can track hire information online for each state job bank, offering the system tangible information about the value of the state online self-services.

To receive access to the analytics dashboard, please contact Josie Link, NLx Operations Manager, at

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