The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) represents the 50 state and 3 territory workforce agencies, which oversee the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), employment services, unemployment insurance, employment statistics and labor market and workforce information. NASWA delivers policy expertise on these issues.

Our Mission

To enhance the state workforce agencies' ability to accomplish their goals, statutory roles and responsibilities.

Our Vision

To be a leading national advocate for workforce development policy and catalyst for system advances.

Our Strategic Goals

Drive the national agenda for workforce policy by:

  • Being the respected voice of state workforce systems;
  • Defining national policy on workforce and related issues; and by
  • Aligning the work of our national partners.

Provide high value member services by:

  • Building an active network for state administrators;
  • Sharing best practices to successfully advance the national and state workforce system, improving business climate and economic opportunities for employers and job seekers; and by
  • Providing workforce program and technology solutions.

NASWA advocates for issues important to its members each year:

Effective Engagement With Congress, USDOL and Other Partners

NASWA meets with representatives from USDOL on a regular and continuing basis to ensure matters important to its members are advanced. Conversations with Congressional members and aides are ongoing as critical issues such as Unemployment Insurance (UI) and WIOA implementation arise. Working together with Intergovernmental (IGO) partners, with similar issue alignment, to advance matters of importance to members is another way NASWA ensures its member issues and concerns are advanced.

Key Voice on all Workforce Issues

NASWA delivers policy expertise on workforce development, including unemployment insurance and other matters overseen by its state agencies. Many times NASWA or one of its member states is called upon to deliver testimony before Congress, providing expert insight into these issues.

Informing Policy with Timely Research and Reports

NASWA regularly conducts surveys each year. These surveys are used to produce reports that: show Congress and USDOL the funding challenges affecting states; dispel the notion that states do not spend and obligate their funds, provide the most current information on UI Employer taxes and provide critical research for USDOL through NASWA's state supplemental survey.

Expanding the National Labor Exchange (NLx)

The NLx connects all 50 state workforce agencies plus three territories through a national job bank system averaging more than two million distinct and verified job listings daily.

Expansion of the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES)

The SIDES consortium is a key initiative aimed at preventing unemployment insurance overpayments and now is being used in most of the states.

NASWA Website

Serving as the workforce systems' most comprehensive and timely site for workforce information, the NASWA website continues to add value for members.

NASWA Membership

There are three levels of NASWA Membership:

NASWA State Member:

This account is FREE to all state workforce agencies who are NASWA members, which includes all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. All employees who work for a state workforce agency are eligible for NASWA Member Accounts.

Government Partners:

This account is FREE to U.S. Department of Labor employees and staff, and other selected Federal Agency employees and Congressional staff.


Organizations interested in the Workforce Investment System, such as workforce investment boards, local one-stop career centers, economic development organizations, community colleges, employment research organizations, and workforce system trainers, consultants, and vendors. Affiliate accounts are $3,000 per year for up to 10 users.

NASWA Account Benefits

NASWA members, government partners and affiliates have access to:


NASWA's flagship publication covers activities in NASWA, Congress, the Executive Branch and States related to the workforce system.


The NASWA NewsWire is an e-mail that contains links to national and state workforce news.

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