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No-Cost Access to FiscalNote

All NASWA members (state workforce agency personnel) have access to no-cost, robust legislative tracking services.

This service, powered by FiscalNote, allows members to search and track pending and enacted legislation from all state legislatures and Congress and can help states answer questions like, ‘How are other state legislatures responding to the pandemic economy?’ and ‘What is the latest federal legislation addressing unemployment insurance or paid family leave?’

There is no limit to the amount of users per state.

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An example of the FiscalNote Dashboard's legislative search functionality

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If you do not know your state’s log-in credentials and would like access, contact us.

Key Issue Legislative Tracker Using FiscalNote

This Legislative Tracker is powered by FiscalNote and tracks issue areas based on key terms supplied by NASWA. The Legislative Tracker provides information on the lifecycle of state and federal bills related to Workforce Development, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Apprenticeships, Unemployment Insurance, and Veteran Services.

FiscalNote Key Issue Tracker

NASWA's Key Issue Legislative Tracker

Legislative Tracker

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