State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES)

SIDES E-Response is managed by the participating state. To register for usage or other questions, contact your respective state office.

Sides Exchanges: Separation Information -> Monetary & Potential Charging -> Additional Fact-Finding -> Determinations & Decisions -> Earnings Verification -> Benefit Charges

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SIDES stands for the State Information Data Exchange System. It’s a software tool that empowers states, employers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to quickly, accurately, and securely respond to unemployment insurance requests.

SIDES has six components, called exchanges, that makeup the full SIDES solution. Each exchange supports a specific step in the life cycle of an unemployment insurance claim.

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The Value of SIDES

SIDES is available in two formats: SIDES E-Response for employers with a limited number of unemployment insurance claims, and SIDES Integration for employers, TPAs and PEOs who deal with a large volume of unemployment insurance claims. Both significantly improve the unemployment insurance information exchange process and offer the following benefits:

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  • Speeds up response time
  • Reduces staff time, paperwork and postage costs
  • Reduces follow-up time and phone-calls
  • Allows attachment of supporting documentation

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  • Eliminates late penalties
  • Reduces tax rates, improper payments and overpayments

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  • Ensures accuracy on claimant eligibility decisions
  • Ensures protection of sensitive employer and claimant data
  • Includes data checks to ensure the exchange of complete and valid information
  • Offers a nationally standardized electronic format
  • Enhances integrity of the process

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