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Workforce IT Support Center

There is a critical need for the workforce development system to adapt more quickly to customer demands while exploring new models and mechanisms for service delivery and increasing its capacity for building and scaling innovations.

The Workforce IT Support Center (Workforce ITSC) is committed to supporting all workforce and education system partners as they work collaboratively to meet current and future customer needs through the effective use of data, technology, and digital age practices.

Aligned Case Management (ACM) Institute

This Fall, states have the opportunity to participate in the Aligned Case Management (ACM) Institute: Advancing the Effort Together, an initiative that aims to aid state teams in aligning their case management systems, enhancing holistic service delivery, and improving customer experience through interactive virtual sessions conducted by our experienced facilitators. The objective is to develop a replicable framework and an on-demand toolkit reflecting case management shared needs of the public workforce system, while also providing state teams the opportunity to design a state-specific action plan.

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December Insight

Navigating Case Management and Labor Exchange System Modernization
In November, the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) convened professionals from state workforce agencies in a roundtable discussion to share insights and lessons learned during the modernization process for case management and labor exchange systems.

The roundtable emphasized the importance of collaboration and continuous learning in navigating the complexities of modernization. Workforce ITSC recognizes these challenges and offers a range of supportive services and tools to assist states in effectively implementing key lessons learned during their modernization and technology projects.

WITSC December Insight


  • Search the Procurement Portal to find Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Proposals (RFP) from recent state procurements for case management and labor exchange systems.
  • Visit State Technology Profiles to connect and learn from states that have implemented modernization projects with specific vendors. Leverage the experiences of others to inform your decision-making process.
  • Search the Solutions Marketplace to research relevant vendors and consultants working with states.

Email WITSC@NASWA.ORG for more information.

  • Research Assistance: The Workforce ITSC team offers assistance in compiling information and directing your team to relevant resources found in our online tools and research.
  • Advisory Services: Workforce ITSC is dedicated to developing innovative and customized solutions in alignment with the requirements of the digital era, providing fee-based advisory and consultation services to states for modernization projects.

Stay Tuned for Additional Resources!

This year, Workforce ITSC Advisory Services has spearheaded the Aligned Case Management Institute. This initiative brings together states to align their case management systems, enhance holistic service delivery, and improve the overall customer experience. Workforce ITSC will be releasing a replicable framework and on-demand toolkit addressing shared needs within the public workforce system next year.

Government employees supporting Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act programs can access the resources mentioned above at no cost, whether they are NASWA State Members (State Workforce Agency Employees) or Government Partners (Federal/State (Non-SWA Employees)/Local Government Agencies). Register for an account today!

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