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Workforce IT Support Center

There is a critical need for the workforce development system to adapt more quickly to customer demands while exploring new models and mechanisms for service delivery and increasing its capacity for building and scaling innovations.

The Workforce IT Support Center (Workforce ITSC) is committed to supporting all workforce and education system partners as they work collaboratively to meet current and future customer needs through the effective use of data, technology, and digital age practices.

February Insights

Technology-related procurements in the public workforce system have seen unprecedented growth in the last three years. 2020 saw more workforce technology procurements than the previous two years combined, and the number has increased in 2021 and 2022. The increase in procurements creates an extensive catalog that can aid state workforce agencies in technology procurement and digital transformation efforts. Users can explore Request for Proposal (RFP) language, stay up to date on industry trends, see which vendors are being awarded contracts, and identify agencies at the forefront of innovation. The following have been identified by users and the Workforce IT Support Center (Workforce ITSC) as ways to use the Procurement Portal effectively and unlock its full potential. Give them a try and be sure to share any additional best practices!

  1. Use keywords
  2. Try quotations and other Boolean searches
  3. Explore links to vendors and states
  4. Look for trends
  5. Identify funding sources
Workforce ITSC Top 5 Procurement Portal Tips and Tricks

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