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Workforce IT Support Center

There is a critical need for the workforce development system to adapt more quickly to customer demands while exploring new models and mechanisms for service delivery and increasing its capacity for building and scaling innovations.

The Workforce IT Support Center (Workforce ITSC) is committed to supporting all workforce and education system partners as they work collaboratively to meet current and future customer needs through the effective use of data, technology, and digital age practices.

Featured Resources of the Week: September 19, 2022

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September Insights

A common debate during an organization’s digital transformation journey is whether to procure a single solution that meets as many needs as possible, or multiple solutions that operate together. Underscoring the merits of both sides of this “Integration vs. Concentration” discussion, information provided to Workforce ITSC through our State Technology Profiles suggests that state agencies utilize both approaches. For example, at the program level states lean towards concentration to operationalize, with the average number of IT systems utilized for each program being one. 34 states (72%) reported using the same system for multiple programs. Title IV – Vocational Rehabilitation is the program with the highest percentage of states utilizing multiple systems, though this may likely be the result of many states having this program spread across more than one agency and the number of states with multiple systems is relatively small at nine. When taking a wider view of state agencies, we see evidence of integration. For instance, 33 states report integration or connectivity between systems. Five states that currently have no integration have reported plans to do so in the future. To learn more about the “Integration vs. Concentration” debate and other digital transformation considerations, be sure to explore the resources available in the Workforce Technology Collection of the Knowledge Exchange Library and offerings from our Workforce Academy.

Number of Reported IT Systems Per WIOA Program

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