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Open UI Initiative

NASWA, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, is collaborating with state workforce agencies and other groups to strengthen the unemployment insurance (UI) system with a focus on how modern technology and digital practices can make state systems more accessible, resilient and secure.

The Open UI Initiative will change how we create and purchase technology. It involves forming new collaborations and partnerships to make a wider range of open and modular solutions available.

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The overarching goals of the initiative are to:

  • Create a shared framework for building modular UI systems
  • Develop incentives to encourage innovation
  • Provide states greater flexibility in technology investments to achieve UI program objectives


The current environment of UI system modernization varies by state and the overall cost of change is often the major barrier to program and system enhancement. Simultaneously, the marketplace for software solutions is limited and struggles to meet demand and provide cost-effective, flexible solutions.

A coordinated investment is needed for states to fully benefit from modern technology in the UI system. Thanks to the the Open UI Initiative, the system will undergo some of the most significant changes since the introduction of mainframe technologies.

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