2022 NASWA Summit Swag Station

Introducing the NASWA Swag Station

Earning prizes from the Swag Station is easy!

Visit sponsors, exhibitors, and NASWA Services tables.

Each has a ticket to give you just for stopping by. Earn up to 49 tickets if you visit each sponsor, exhibitor, and NASWA Services table!

Trade those tickets for NASWA Swag.

When you’re ready to get some delicious treats and cool NASWA swag, visit the Swag Station located at the Hospitality Desk in the International Foyer (across from the Exhibit Hall).

Spend tickets as you get them, or save them up!

Snacks at the Swag Station start at just 5 tickets - or save tickets up for a handy umbrella, a cool NASWA tumbler, and other fun NASWA swag.

5-Ticket Swag Items

Swag Station - Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears Snack Tube

Swag Station - M&Ms

M&Ms Snack Tube

Swag Station - Trail Mix

Trail Mix Snack Tube

Swag Station - Popcorn

Popcorn Cup

Swag Station - Snack Variety

Variety Snacks

Ask out our vegan and gluten-free options!


10-Ticket Swag Items

Swag Station - Stain Stick

Stain Removal Stick - Travel Size

Swag Station - Shopping Tote

Reusable Shopping Tote

Swag Station - Reusable Straw

Reusable Drinking Straw


15-Ticket Swag Items

Swag Station - Plant Mug

Planter Mug

Swag Station - Umbrella



20-Ticket Swag Item

Swag Station - Tumbler

16oz Tumbler