Virtual Meeting / Call

LinkedIn 201: Helping Clients Stand Out to Recruiters on LinkedIn

April 23, 2020
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Virtual Meeting / Call Details

Who: Career Counselors, Business Service Staff, JVSG Staff, Other Wagner-Peyser Staff

What: Front-line training for NASWA member states to help jobseekers fully leverage online job networking to their advantage. LinkedIn has developed curriculum specifically for state workforce agencies to use in training job seekers how best to use their online platform in seeking work.

Where: Online Webinar, these trainings focus exclusively on the no-cost features within LinkedIn.

This session shows counselors how they can work with their clients to optimize their profiles and LinkedIn usage to increase the likelihood they will show up in a recruiter's LinkedIn search. During the training, counselors will get to see “under the hood” of LinkedIn Recruiter, and explore how recruiters actively use the platform everyday to find talent. Counselors will come away with tips and tricks that will make their clients’ profiles more noticeable. By following these recommendations, the clients will stand out to recruiters and become more successful users of the platform in general. This is a train-the-trainer session.