Virtual Meeting / Call

LinkedIn Myth Busters: A Guide to LinkedIns Usefulness in Workforce Development

April 14, 2020
Register by April 14, 2020

Virtual Meeting / Call Details

Who: Career Counselors, Business Service Staff, JVSG Staff, Other Wagner-Peyser Staff

What: Front-line training for NASWA member states to help jobseekers fully leverage online job networking to their advantage. LinkedIn has developed curriculum specifically for state workforce agencies to use in training job seekers how best to use their online platform in seeking work.

Where: Online Webinar, these trainings focus exclusively on the no-cost features within LinkedIn.

Tune in for this live webinar where LinkedIn hosts will debunk or confirm some of the most common myths we’ve heard about the platform. Please register to obtain a webinar link. A Q&A portion will be included at the end of the webinar—feel free to bring a possible myth for review! In addition, we will walk through how to perform the work search log form for the unemployment claimants.