Workforce Connect Phase III Planning Session

October 16–18, 2017
Register by November 06, 2018


Thank you for in participating in the Workforce Connect project with USDOL and NASWA/ITSC. This collaborative project will provide states with advanced functionality to better assist job seekers with planning and strategy development for their next career opportunity. The IT tools developed through this effort will be available for all states to take advantage of, and as a participating state you will be able to help shape the capabilities and functionality of these tools.

During this second in-person Planning Session October 17-19, 2017, state teams and partners will focus on development of business requirements for an Integrated Common Case Management System. ITSC is looking for participation of a team of five from each Workforce Connect state that represents a good cross section of your WIOA (Title I, II, III, IV) partners, who can best articulate your vision, wants and needs associated with the requirements and development of a common integrated case management