Data Insights Award Nomination Florida

Florida Data Insights Award Nomination: Dynamic Product and Service Delivery using an Agile Framework

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Nominator: Adrienne Johnston

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Agency Name: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity


Dynamic Product and Service Delivery using an Agile Framework

The FL Workforce Statistics and Economic Research Bureau (WSER) established a new process for identifying, prioritizing and developing products and services for internal and external customers. This process is based on an agile framework commonly used for software development, modified to meet the demands for Workforce and Labor Market Information in Florida.

This process was implemented largely as an effort to build capacity within the bureau to deliver a wide range of products and services in response to frequent changes in priority. By using cross-functional teams, providing clear priorities and imbedded consistent feedback loops, WSER has expanded its capacity to respond to changing needs in data production and increased demand from internal and external customers.

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Through this process framework the Workforce Statistics and Economic Research Bureau (WSER) has managed multiple projects of varying size, complexity, scope and priority. By doing so, the team completed over 20 projects related to process improvements for our Fed/State statistical programs data collection, processing and analysis in 2019. Some of these were minor improvements that simply required focus. Others have been significant undertakings but have resulted in major productivity improvements through gained efficiencies.

In addition to process improvement, WSER completed over 100 additional projects including presentations, reports, data visualizations and maps.

Team members have also to gained exposure to business processes and skills outside of their immediate focus, which has fostered a strong culture of collaboration and provides multiple pathways for professional development. This is has proven to deepen the knowledge and capacity of the team to accomplish more with fewer resources.

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In addition to building capacity within the Workforce Statistics and Economic Research Bureau, this process framework has resulted in the development of high-quality products and services that have had significant impacts for both internal and external customers. The FL Department of Economic Opportunity recognizes the value of effectively using data to drive decision-making. In 2019, WSER was called on to increase the agency’s capacity for analyzing data to achieve operational improvement and efficiency. Through this process, WSER developed a tool that highlights local areas that are well suited for outreach and technical assistance for community development grant applications. The team also developed a dashboard that displays current and future economic indices and other macroeconomic indicators for agency leadership.

Additionally, WSER developed the core modules and other data visualization tools for a new data delivery system called, Florida Insight. This new system is designed to provide easier access to labor market data and analysis. It is expected to launch in February 2020.


Examples of work 

FL - Talent Development Council Presentation 2020.pdf (1.6MB)
FL - Competitive Florida Grant Outreach Tool 2020.pdf (511.6KB)
FL - Current & Future Economic Outlook Indices 2020.pdf (1.2MB)
FL - Florida Insight Data Delivery Tool 2020.pdf (1.2MB)
FL - Aviation and Aerospace Industry Profile 2020.pdf (988.6KB)
FL - NASWA Award Nomination Letter dated 01 08 2020.pdf (365.6KB)