Employ Georgia online labor exchange: Georgia Department of Labor

The EmployGeorgia initiative was initiated by GDOL's leadership to provide innovative state-of-the-art services to
Georgia's job seekers and employers to:
• Create a cutting-edge system delivering labor exchange services to employers and job seekers that integrates with
current and future unemployment insurance systems.
• Produce a system available at no cost to job seekers and employers 24/7/365 that matches qualified job seekers
with potential job opportunities by comparing experience, skills, abilities, education and other factors.
• Provide customers the choice of when, where, how, and what level of service to access.
• Provide customers the ability to receive services previously available only to customers who appear in person at
Career Centers.
• Attract a wider variety of customers by providing Internet services to those who otherwise may not have sought
• Provide a broader range of skilled applicants for employers by attracting Internet-savvy professionals to online
Job seekers are now empowered to make connections for gaining employment and networking with employers.
Within EmployGeorgia, job seekers can:
• Match to jobs they have the skills for, and for jobs they may not have considered applying for
• Explore Labor Market information related to in-demand jobs, employers, and hiring and salary trends
• Research a program of study while exploring next steps in their career based on successful transitions made by
• View job postings based on specific search criteria, including ones recommended for them based on their skills and
• Save job searches and schedule daily or weekly email notices of new jobs matching their search criteria
• Control the information an employer can see and how they want to be contacted
• Research information about employers and training opportunities
The Georgia Department of Labor became one of the few states offering new and innovative services for employers
seeking new talent. Within EmployGeorgia, employers can:
• Remotely create a secure account with unlimited subsidiaries/divisions linked by FEIN
• Create job postings with tutorials and searches of nationwide job postings
• View thousands of résumés of potential employees – searching by salary ranges, key words related to skills,
credentials, past employers, etc.
• Utilize automated invitations and screenings
• Receive job matches based on automated exploration of job seeker skills, qualifications, experience(s) – ranked by
their likelihood of success
• Clone/search for successful résumés
• Conduct automated screening interviews with "knock-out" questions to ensure applicants meet minimum