Employer Self-Service Initiative

Several years ago, the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) began a modernization program to update aging systems. The latest initiative, Employer Self Service, was targeted at the thousands of employers in the state that interact with GDOL daily, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency in performing transactions, and benefiting both the employer and the agency. Employer Self Service had three (3) main business objectives. 1. Provide an Employer Portal that allows for single sign on to GDOL applications. Providing an easy to use front end to GDOL applications supports the goal of a) reducing mailings to employers and b) providing easy access to online tools. The deployment of the Employer Portal allowed GDOL to eliminate the mailing of yearly tax rate notices. The yearly cost of mailing tax rate notices is $150,000. GDOL will see a yearly return on investment of $150,000 by driving employers to obtain their tax rate notices online (no more mailings). The Employer Portal allows for single sign-on to GDOL's Tax Employer applications: filing taxes online, paying taxes online, changing account information, viewing historical data related to taxes paid.