Hoosiers By the Numbers website

Hoosiers by the Numbers originated in 2005, but new components of the site are spec'd out and deployed annually – such as in 2018 the release of the new Regional Analyst portal, which is a dynamic page that provides current and real-time data plus direct contact with regional LMI analysts. Additionally, Hoosiers by the Numbers is a dynamic tool for legislators to pull up their districts' labor market information in a portable, easily communicated fashion. Hoosiers by the Numbers is maintained by the Research and Analysis division of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development in partnership with the Indiana University Business Research Center and provides
accessible data and tools to support the department's twin goals of:

• Aggressively empowering Indiana workers to become a highly-skilled, competitive workforce

• Providing premier customer service to all internal and external customersImproved Information = Improved Decision Making