INDemand Jobs Website

High impact products and services is our primary focus for INDemand Jobs. INDemand Jobs is the output of Indiana Career Ready (ICR), which is an online application that provides several resources on preparing for the workforce and finding high-demand and high-wage jobs needed now and in the future. INDemand Jobs, specifically, uses short term and long-term job projection data to assign a flame ranking (1 to 5) to each occupation. ICR uses real-time labor market information via Burning Glass to power much of the site, including scraping job boards to help us define INDemand Jobs. Additionally, the Skills Engine that uses national skills data from employers, coupled with Indiana based employer validation in creating data, shows the skills needed to be successful in an INDemand occupation. This is shown in the Occupation Profile pages on ICR. We haven't found another site like ICR that embeds the national skills language by occupation.