Indiana's INDemand Jobs

Indiana's Data Insights and Innovations Award Nomination: INDemand Jobs

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Nominator: Kayli Schroeder

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Agency Name: Indiana Department of Workforce Development


Indiana's INDemand Jobs

High impact products and services is our primary focus for INDemand Jobs. INDemand Jobs is the output of Indiana Career Ready (ICR), which is an online application that provides several resources on preparing for the workforce and finding high-demand and high-wage jobs needed now and in the future. INDemand Jobs, specifically, uses shortterm and long-term job projection data to assign a flame ranking (1 to 5) to each occupation. ICR uses real-time labor market information via Burning Glass to power much of the site, including scraping job boards to help us define INDemand Jobs. Additionally, the Skills Engine that uses national skills data from employers, coupled with Indian abased employer validation in creating data, shows the skills needed to be successful in an INDemand occupation. This is shown in the Occupation Profile pages on ICR. We haven't found another site like ICR that embeds the national skills language by occupation.


Statement of results, accomplishments, impacts and any other appropriate information that demonstrates why the nominee's efforts were an exceptional contribution.

Flame rankings are assigned to Indiana occupations based on a calculated and average rank from 1 to 10 in the following categories to produce short-term and long-term outlook ratings: total job openings, job growth openings, percentage change from base year to projected year, real-time labor market information and Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 Wage Estimates. Recalculation of flame rankings occur quarterly. Based on these flame rankings, the State of Indiana focuses its training funding (ie. Career and Technical (CTE) courses, NextLevel Jobs and Eligible Training Providers) and workforce efforts across the state into areas considered in-demand for Indiana. The impact of INDemand Jobs is instructing Hoosiers to consider in-demand occupations so make smarter choices in how they approach their career. This data explains what occupations are in-demand or not as popular for the purpose of guiding Hoosiers to change or enter into a career path that is more applicable to the state's needs. Hoosiers can look at jobs in their area based on job outlook, education level, salary level and career clusters. One also can view real-time job postings, training providers and university programs, as well as watch a video, in any field. Specific occupation profile pages include the above as well as projected job growth and the essential soft skills and job responsibilities for that occupation. These pages provide Hoosiers with all the information and data they need in a streamlined and interactive way so that they can make an informed decision about which job or industry to go into. One downfall of employers not finding the right talent is that Hoosiers aren't taking the right training courses. This data and INDemand Jobs methodology hopes to diminish and prevent that from happening.


Other significant contributions 

Capacity Building. With the development of the flame methodology that drives INDemand Jobs, we've been able to run that search criteria by location, which then enables our workforce efforts in those particular regions and counties to focus on specific in-demand occupations. This directly impacts human capital into those four- and five-flame occupations in that more people will be going into occupations that are sustainable as opposed to going into one that will not sustain them long-term. Additionally, WorkOne Career Centers utilize the methodology to readily look at the data, understand trends and build insights from a broader perspective.

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