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Nominator: Alice Sweeney

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Agency Name : MassHire Department of Career Services


Customized Recruitment of Georgia (CR of GA)

Beginning in 2012, the Commonwealth embarked upon a Business Engagement initiative geared at enhancing and aligning the resources and services available to Massachusetts Businesses through State Workforce Development, Economic Development and Education entities in order to help Massachusetts Businesses grow and thrive. This initiative, now known as MassHire BizWorks, aligns the above mentioned Secretariats with the Commonwealth's Rapid Response efforts and all Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) core partner agencies, including MassHire Department of Career Services (MDCS), Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA), Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA/TANF), Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).

The MassHire BizWorks team created and frequently updates their "Resource Guide for Businesses". The guide is an 'at a glance' reference for businesses containing concise program and contact information for a broad array of services, including:

  • Training grants and programs
  • Apprenticeship
  • Tax credits for hiring
  • Incentive programs for growth or expansion
  • Business development/mentoring services
  • Manufacturing support
  • Workplace safety grant and consultation
  • Recruitment services
  • Layoff aversion strategies
  • Work Share


MassHire BizWorks offers a suite of training modules related to the resources outlined in the "Resource Guide for Businesses" and beyond. The training is designed to standardize the business service knowledge and competencies of staff across state agencies working with Massachusetts Businesses. Staff understand the concept of a "Business Cycle" and can assess the needs and develop a customized service delivery strategy for a business, whether they are in a period of growth or in the process of downsizing. The strategy provides a "no wrong door" approach for Businesses to connect with the support they need, when they need it.

The MassHire BizWorks model is integral to the success of the Commonwealth's recent rebranding effort, connecting employers to and making more recognizable the benefits of working with the State's Workforce System. MassHire BizWorks makes it simple for Massachusetts business owners to take advantage of the services the state offers.


Statement of results, accomplishments, impacts and any other appropriate information that demonstrates why the nominee's efforts were an exceptional contribution.

Since FY17 MassHire BizWorks has connected 2,344 of the Commonwealth's Businesses with a full array of services that have resulted in successful recruitments, tax incentives, training grants, lay off aversion solutions and much more. Examples of specific company impacts include:

1. A company in the South Shore Region was about to close its doors. MassHire BizWorks services and incentives were made available and the employees of the company purchased it to become an employee owned Business that is growing and thriving.

2. An entrepreneur from New Hampshire contacted MassHire BizWorks stating she wanted to start up a Paper Straw Company and was undecided where to locate. She was immediately connected to the Local Business Service Representative in Lowell MA who informed her of the full array of MassBiz Works services and now this womanowned business is re-locating to the Northeast region in MA.

3. Polaroid was about to lay off 40 employees in chemical department. MassHire BizWorks/ Rapid Response identified the talent needs of a new company moving into MA. Rapid Response set-aside funds were utilized to train 38 of those employees in a new technology and 34 of those employees averted individual lay-offs by obtaining employment at the new Business. ROI = $238,000 saved on UI funds @ $7,000 per UI claim.

4. MassHire BizWorks matched 19 employees from laid off from Jabil to hiring opportunities at Raytheon. This effort prevented a lay-off for those individuals, which led to an additional 135 placements to Raytheon as the MassHire system worked with Raytheon to fill job openings.


Other significant contributions 

MassHire BizWorks has made a national impact. The US Department of Labor awarded MassHire Department of Career Services (MDCS) a Technical Assistance and Training (TAT) Grant. This grant has allowed the MassHire Biz Works team to provide a significant amount of training to states across the country on rapid response and business coordination services. MassHire BizWorks is the most sought after training under the TAT grant. MassHire Bizworks staff provided training in 13 States (CA, CT, HI, KY, LA, NJ, NY, OK, PA, VA, TX,WA, WY and Puerto Rico) on MassHire BizWorks/Rapid Response. Two of those States (CT, PA) have replicated and adopted the MassHire BizWorks resource guide/card. Four additional states (MT, WV, AL, NC) have also requested BizWorks training, which is in the process of being scheduled.


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