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Alabama Workforce Business Development: Advanced Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship Program

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Nominator: Tara Hutchison

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Agency Name: Alabama Department of Labor


Advanced Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship Program

(Innovative Initiative) The Alabama Career Center System (operated by the Alabama Department of Labor and in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Commerce, Workforce Development Division) has successfully worked with North Alabama employer Lockheed Martin to develop an apprenticeship program that provides WIOA-eligible participants with in-demand training and employment. The Huntsville Career Center and all other North Alabama Career Centers already had an excellent working relationship with Lockheed Martin, and in 2018, began to build on that relationship to better serve both the area’s job seekers and the company. It was determined that WIOA funding could be used to fund ITA's for qualified applicants and provide the company with much needed apprentices. The Advanced Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship Program (AMTAP) was born from this collaboration. WIOA funds provided for 5-week training onsite at Lockheed Martin, and participants could obtain IPC industry recognized certifications, advanced training, and eventually, offers of employment. Additionally, an agreement from the company to use WIOA funds to add On-the-Job Training led to more qualifications for the participants and helped to contribute to AMTAP becoming a nationally recognized apprenticeship.

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  1. 1,000 Applications: Since the program’s inception, AMTAP has held multiple information sessions in order to recruit participants. Each session will typically draw approximately 100 jobseekers, and 150-200 applications are received for each cohort (there are five total cohorts).
  2. 39 Apprentices, 25 Steady Jobs: Following the first five cohorts, 39 apprentices were offered training. Of those, 25 earned all required certifications and were given full-time job offers by Lockheed Martin. All 25 are still employed by Lockheed Martin today.
  3. High Level Training: All apprentices were evaluated on a daily basis and included: the ability to meet IPC acceptance criteria and obtain all required certifications; professional demeanor with a target of zero attendance irregularities; the ability to work effectively within a team environment; the ability to follow detailed instructions and directions, and perform quality work. Apprentices were trained in the following high skill areas: Connector Mate/Demate and Torque, IPC-J-STD limited solder, NASA Cable and Harness Certification, and specific floor training with Harness Cables.
  4. Potential National Impact: Due to the success of Alabama's program, Lockheed Martin has now hired additional staff to expand the program to other states.

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While the program was previously launched in Colorado, the Alabama endeavor is the first time that WIOA funds have been used for the ITA's and on-the-job training. This version of the program is being considered for expansion in other states. Additionally, the program has been tailored to fit exact specifications for the employer, and results in ready trained employees, complete with the proper certifications. In this program, the customer (Lockheed Martin) is able to modify the program as needed, expand as needed, and even to take advantage of multiple revenue streams in order to maximize the potential of their apprentices. AMTAP is profitable not only for the employer, but also for the WIOA participant.


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