NASWA / LinkedIn Talent Solutions FAQs

NASWA and LinkedIn are excited to announce a new opportunity for states! After working together on multiple initiatives, this new commercial collaboration will facilitate stronger public-private partnerships by providing state workforce agencies the ability to partner with LinkedIn and access their full suite of LinkedIn Talent Solutions products, including LinkedIn LearningLinkedIn Talent InsightsLinkedIn Recruiter, Company Pages and Jobs

This new collaboration will include an exclusive community of practice offering technology solutions to state workforce agencies for:

  • Client recruitment and placement
  • Real-time labor market information dashboards
  • Online and on-demand learning
  • A reduced cost!


What are NASWA and LinkedIn offering?

State workforce agencies will have the opportunity to procure the LinkedIn Talent Solutions product suite to improve the delivery of workforce development services. The offering includes an exclusive 5% discount beyond the existing and already discounted workforce development pricing.

The LinkedIn Talent Solutions product suite includes:

  • LinkedIn Recruiter - engage participants that have indicated they are seeking employment in your region on LinkedIn and employers actively hiring now
  • Company Pages and Jobs - advertise local jobs and become the destination for job seekers in your region
  • LinkedIn Learning - on-demand, online reskilling at scale, already used by 70% of US post secondaries and 78% of the Fortune 100
  • Linkedin Talent Insights - understand what skills employers are looking for right now in any geography and what jobs are open and in demand


Are their case studies of workforce agencies using LinkedIn Talent Solutions available?
How will NASWA and LinkedIn support agencies through this partnership?

NASWA staff are available to answer any questions or make sure you are connected to the team within LinkedIn Talent Solutions (LTS) to learn more about the products and features available through this partnership.


Any agency that chooses to procure any or all of LinkedIn Talent Solutions’ products will receive enterprise support directly from LinkedIn. The LinkedIn team will work closely with state agencies to integrate LTS tools into the agency’s workforce operations. The pre-and post-implementation support will mirror the support LinkedIn provides to 97% of the Fortune 500, including:


LinkedIn Learning

  • Substantial ongoing support such as customized learning pathways based on your and our LMI;
  • Regular and on-demand training for your frontline staff and administrators;
  • A customer success and technical integration team assigned to your contract; and
  • A complete administrative dashboard and APIs.

LinkedIn Plan & Connect

  • Product coaching and training to optimize workflow
  • Best practices on outreach to job seekers and employers
  • On-demand product training
  • Ability to track program participants over the course of their career
  • Reporting by user, product, and feature

NASWA and LinkedIn will also provide opportunities for peer-to-peer learning through a jointly run community of practice. More information on the community of practice is coming soon.


Who’s on LinkedIn? (not just white-collar workers or employers)

On the labor supply side, LinkedIn has more than 180 million U.S.-based members on the platform. Those members represent a wide array of industries and roles, including first-line workers who do not possess a post-secondary degree or credential. Workers in industries such as retail and foodservice are among the fastest-growing segments on LinkedIn, and healthcare and construction are our largest industries.


On the labor demand side, LinkedIn has millions of job postings on the platform that represent every industry and occupation. In addition to job postings from LinkedIn’s corporate customers, LinkedIn has partnerships with job boards globally to maximize the number of high-quality job posts on LinkedIn. One of the partnerships is with the National Labor Exchange (NLx). This means that LinkedIn has the same jobs on its platform as state agencies would find on their respective labor exchange.


What is the LinkedIn - NASWA Community of Practice?

As part of our collaboration, we will also be launching an exclusive community of practice around the use of technology by State workforce agencies for:

  • Outreach strategies for job seekers and employers
  • Actionable, real-time labor market information dashboards
  • Online and on-demand learning.

The community of practice will provide an opportunity for facilitated peer-to-peer learning to strengthen agencies’ use of technology to better serve employers and job seekers in their state.


More information on the community of practice, including a launch timeline, will be shared in the coming months.


Who within the state agency will leverage these solutions?

LinkedIn’s solutions offer insights to inform and implement high-level strategy from your office in the state capital to the frontlines of service delivery at your American Job Centers. State workforce agencies can work with LinkedIn to determine which products and features best meet their needs, and LinkedIn will help the agency understand who within their organization would need access to tools to achieve the agency’s goals.

Examples of roles that currently use LinkedIn’s tools in their jobs include:


  • State workforce development leadership
  • Career developers and case managers
  • Business services team members
  • Labor market information (LMI) researchers
  • State workforce development administrators focused on:
    • Career and business development
    • Skills
    • LMI
    • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and related programs
    • Information Technology (IT)
  • Other workforce development stakeholders (local boards, chambers of commerce and other economic development organizations, and more)

The state will have a variety of admin service levels to control the level of access and reporting capabilities for all stakeholders. LinkedIn’s enterprise support team will help the state work through provisioning and access.


What is the discount for states?

NASWA Exclusive Discount: 5% in addition to government pricing on LinkedIn's Talent Solutions, designed to plan for your future workforce needs, develop the skills your state needs to align with local industry and build a brand and outreach strategy leveraging the world’s largest professional network.

To secure this discount please click the "webform" button below:


Significant discounts are available for volume orders. These discounts range based on the volume and would need to be scoped with a member of the LinkedIn team but can exceed 90% off of our list per unit corporate price.


What funding sources can be used for this?

A wide variety of funding has been used to pay for LinkedIn Talent Solutions to date. For example, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title 3, American Recovery Act (ARA), State and Governor's (WIOA set-aside) discretionary dollars, among other funding, can be used for LinkedIn Talent Solutions. ARP economic development dollars are increasingly used to pay for LTS, sometimes in partnership with state or local economic development organizations.


LinkedIn Learning can also qualify for a variety of interaction and performance requirements. For example, if you enroll recipients into WIOA, and report the service, then we assume it would count towards WIOA performance. Marketing, outreach, and innovation dollars are eligible for the Connect category of LinkedIn Talent Solutions.


We look forward to working with states to explore their funding options.


What are the qualifications for the discount?

To qualify for the NASWA discount:

  • LinkedIn Learning contracts must cover a minimum of 10% of the unemployed population
  • LinkedIn Talent Insights must be purchased as part of a Leader Package including LinkedIn Recruiter and with at least one license designated for each workforce region. Our goal is to provide these solutions to frontline workers in addition to state-level decision-makers via these agreements.
  • States must commit to an integration plan including resourcing change management for state administrators, frontline workers, and all others administering LinkedIn Talent Solutions
  • All agreements should be a minimum of 2 years


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