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Wednesday, November 6
6:00 am - 7:00 am

How the Use of Data is Changing the Way Public Employment Services are Organized and Operate


The world of Public Employment Services is changing rapidly. Technological developments are creating new possibilities to collect and analyze data that have the potential to enable Public Employment Services to better serve their clients and improve performance. The objective of this panel is to discuss the possibilities and challenges regarding the use of data. How are PES using data? How are they sharing and integrating data within and between organizations? What are the current trends and developments? What are the risks and barriers they find? What is planned for the future?


  • Cesar Buenadicha, Chief, Discovery Unit, BIDLAB, Inter-American Development Bank


  • Emmanuel Chion, Deputy Director, Study, Statistics and Evaluation Service, Pole Emploi, France
  • Javier Palacios Gallegos, Vice Minister of Employment Promotion and Labor Training, Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion, Peru
  • Vanessa Gibson Head, Investment Climate, Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), Costa Rica
  • Reelika Leetmaa, Head of the Labour and Social Policy Programme Töötukassa, Estonia