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Wednesday, November 6
7:00 am - 8:00 am

How Technology is Changing the Way Public Employment Services are Organized and Operate


Developments like artificial intelligence, big data, automation, robotization and working ‘agile’ not only impact labor markets but also influence Public Employment Services role in society. The objective of this panel is to explore three trends that are already playing a role on how public employment services are organized and operate. The first trend is the initiatives using artificial intelligence and big data as a way to improve services and processes such as matching, profiling and performance management. The second trend is related to automation through the introduction of social robots. Several PES are looking into chat or conversational bots as means to improve service delivery as well as the efficiency of the organization. The last trend is to explore innovations and anticipate future technological developments through innovation labs or other environments where they can learn from technologies in a controlled way.


  • Nuria Simo, General Manager & CIO, Information Technology Department, Inter-American Development Bank


  • Daniel Sanchez, Viceminister of Labor, Paraguay
  • Jeroen Peeters, Manager of the VDAB’s innovation and co-creation lab., Belgium
  • Gregory Golding, Head of JobTech Development, Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden
  • Kerryn Kovacevic, First Assistant Secretary, Digital Solutions Division and Chief Digital Officer in the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business. Australia