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Thursday, August 13
12:10 pm - 1:10 pm

Concurrent Breakout Session: CNAS Research/Minority Needs Assessment

Breakout Room 3


Session Recording

In this session, Kayla Williams of the Center for a New American Security will present findings from their Minority Veteran Needs Assessment. This research examined the challenges facing Veterans who are racial and ethnic minorities, women, and/or LGBT in New York State and nationwide through the lens of four life domains: health, housing stability, financial stability, and social support. The findings are based off analysis of publicly available data, focus groups with Veterans in New York City and Buffalo, and interviews with key stakeholders and advocates for minority Veterans. Ms. Williams will describe the multiple disparities in Veteran outcomes across these life domains and present recommendations for how organizations that serve Veterans can best support the needs of an increasingly diverse Veteran population.

(*) Denotes the individual is currently serving or is a Veteran of the United States military.

(^) Denotes the individual is a military spouse.