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Friday, August 14
2:50 pm - 3:50 pm

Concurrent Breakout Session: Promising Practices for Leaders

Breakout Room 3


Session Recording

Colorado – Improving Program Quality Through Innovative Leadership

  • Over the past six years, the state of Colorado has implemented several key strategies to improve Veterans services, including comprehensive training, regional staff meetings that promote sharing and brainstorming, and case management spot checks. Learn more about these efforts and how they have paid off during this session.
    • Presenters: Colin Schneider*, State Veterans Coordinator, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment; James Bell*, Regional Director, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment

Virginia - Developing a Sustainable Workforce Through a Strong Public-Private Partnership

  • This session will cover a wide variety of programs developed by the Virginia Department of Veterans Services and other partners dedicated to serving Veterans and military spouses – Virginia Values Veterans (V3), Military Medics and Corpsmen (MMAC), Virginia Transition Assistance Program (VTAP), as well as Hire Vets Now (HVN) in partnership with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.
    • Presenters: Nicole Anderson*^, Director of Transition & Employment, Virginia Department of Veterans Services; Cyndi Miracle, Senior Vice President of Programs, Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Indiana – Technology – Plan Ahead

  • State Veteran Program Director David Douglass will share how his state was able to be ahead of the curve ensuring staff had access to technology when the pandemic struck, AJCs closed and staff started working remotely. In this session, he will discuss establishing leadership and support, assessing resources, defining needs, exploring solutions, writing a plan, getting funding and finally, implementation.
    • Presenter: David Douglass*, State Veteran Program Director, Indiana Department of Workforce Development


(*) Denotes the individual is currently serving or is a Veteran of the United States military.

(^) Denotes the individual is a military spouse.