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Friday, August 14
2:50 pm - 3:50 pm

Concurrent Breakout Session: Promising Practices for LVERs

Breakout Room 2


Session Recording

Maine – Hiring Veterans for Employers, Basic Training

  • This presentation promotes best practices businesses an utilize when hiring Veterans. Created in 2019, program assists employers in understanding Veteran culture, work ethic and the benefits they bring to the workplace. A section on “decoding” military discharge documents delves into how a civilian business can interpret the information, and what that information can mean to a business’ mission, vision and values.
    • Presenter: Leo J. Deon*, LVER, Maine Department of Labor


Colorado - Collaborative Partnership with Industry - Ball Corporation

  • Three years ago, the JVSG LVER met with the Ball Corporation Veteran Resource Group to discuss ways to improve veteran employment within Ball’s five divisions. This session will explain how they created a specialized hiring event using a three-part process.
    • Presenter – Daniel Savage, Regional Veteran Employment Representative, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment, Roman Rojas*, Senior Human Resource Specialist, Ball Corporation; Trevor Wilson*, DVOP, Larimer County, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment


Missouri – Career Skills Program – A Partnership for Service Members’ Future

  • The State of Missouri has a unique partnership with Fort Leonard Wood’s SkillBridge Program. This partnership allows us to quickly create individualized internship opportunities with local employers across the State for soldiers currently in Missouri, or looking to transition to Missouri after exiting the military. In this session, we will discuss the benefits, processes, and successes of the program, as well as some of the hurdles we have encountered along the way.
    • Presenters: Travis Lewis*, Career Skills Program Coordinator, Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development; Amber H. O’Conner^, Career Skills Program Installation Administrator, Directorate of Garrison Human Resources/ACES


(*) Denotes the individual is currently serving or is a Veteran of the United States military.

(^) Denotes the individual is a military spouse.