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Wednesday, September 23
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

Opening Plenary Session: Economic and Labor Market Insights

Plenary Room


Session Recording


It is only fitting that in the middle of a pandemic we consult some of the nation's leading doctors. For this year's economic address, a panel of esteemed doctors of the economy will share their insights on what historical labor market patterns and recent trends imply for a broad and inclusive recovery. Join us in welcoming Drs. Wozniak, Ajilore, Bayer, and Grigsby, hear their latest labor market research and prescriptions, and leave reflecting on how your state can help plan an "inclusive" economic recovery.


Abigail Wozniak, Director, Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute and Senior Economist, Minnesota Federal Reserve Bank


Olugbenga Ajilore, Senior Economist, Center for American Progress

Pat Bayer, Gilhuly Family Distinguished Professor in Economics, Duke University 

John Grigsby, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Economics Department, Northwestern University



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