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Wednesday, June 29
2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

Concurrent Breakout Session: Battlefield Home - Finding Peace in Turmoil

Constitution A


Battlefield Home - Finding Peace in Turmoil

Battlefield: Home – Breaking The Silence is a decade-long project culminating in a SAMHSA award-winning documentary film and upcoming PBS Premiere. It is a candid raw insight into the invisible wounds of veterans, and the secondary impact on the families who welcome them home. Created by the daughter of a USMC combat Vietnam Veteran with the 1/9, the film deals intimately with the pressing issues of PTSD, TBI, and Caregiving, as well as the challenges of navigating the transition home. Anita tells her story of living with a combat veteran with invisible wounds, which is the story of Steven Sears, Hollywood Writer, and Producer (Xena Warrior Princess, A-Team), and Jessica Rogers, mother of two who became a veteran caregiver in her 20’s, and the Wilturner family, who are rural farmers from Louisiana. Anita also has the perspective of a survivor of war, as her mother survived the bombing of Nagasaki. Upon meeting Anita, Neuropsychologist, Dr. Harriett Katz Zeiner, Ph.D., who is affiliated with the VA Palo Alto Healthcare system said, “you ended up studying peace because you came out of war.” Anita’s unique insight showcases not only the journey of injury but of the fortitude of walking through your experiences.Anyone attending the 2022 NASWA Veterans Conference will have the opportunity to view “Battlefield: Home – Breaking the Silence,” a movie about the invisible wounds of Veterans and the secondary impact to family members who welcome them home. Click here to watch the film’s trailer: Starting June 28, the film will be available for viewing for three days through July 1. Click on the “register” button on the link for access to the film link when available. Please note, this film does contain triggers that may be upsetting for persons diagnosed with PTSD, TBI or other conditions.


Anita Sugimura Holsapple, MS, Director, and Combat Veteran Family Member (USMC)

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