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Wednesday, June 29
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Concurrent Breakout Session: Veteran Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Today’s Job Market

Farragut Square


Veteran Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Today’s Job Market

While there are many employment development resources available for military personnel in transition and retired military, a number of groups - such as ex-offenders, the homeless, incarcerated Veterans, LGBTQ Veterans, older Veterans, Veterans with mental illness, or Veterans with PTSD - are often forgotten, don’t have a clear understanding of their benefits, or don’t actively reach out for employment support with their veteran status as a factor in this process. These disenfranchised groups each have unique challenges, but the one common denominator is the desire to work, and the difficulties encountered on the path to employment. We will explore the past, present, and future outlook for these groups and what employment resources are currently available, and where the gaps are within industry, local, state, and federal workforce development programs.


Steve Sullivan*, President and CEO, Trident Development Corporation

*Indicates individual is a Veteran, NG/Reservist, currently serving, or a military spouse.