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Tuesday, September 10
8:30 am - 9:30 am

No Horse Courier Needed - Data Hub Integration - Why It Is Easier Than You Might Think

Avenue 34 - Studio 2 (Lobby Level)


The Integrity Data Hub (IDH) has proven to be a very successful and vital tool for states in the detection and prevention of UI fraud and improper payments. States who have implemented the Data Hub have prevented the loss of over $7.9 million (in total) of improperly paid UI benefits over the last seven quarters. Several states have implemented the IDH and are regularly sending claims data for crossmatch; however, many others are still working toward implementation, potentially due to misconceptions on the level of effort required. In this workshop you will hear three separate states share their Data Hub implementation stories, which demonstrate the various communication channels available and the ease with which the IDH can be implemented. States will also share associated lessons learned and best practices. Each state brings a different level of implementation, yet they share the same successes.

Moderator: James Cotter, Data Hub Project Manager, UI Integrity Center, National Association of State Workforce Agencies

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