Behavioral Insights

What is Behavioral Insights

Behavioral Insights is an effort of the UI Integrity Center that brings together practices from the field of behavioral science to promote unemployment integrity and reduce UI improper payments.

Drawing on principles from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics, behavioral insights applies observations about human behavior to strategies that can improve decision-making and program outcomes.

Behavioral Insights Toolkit

The Toolkit is a collection of resources, articles, templates and how-to information housed within NASWA's Knowledge Exchange Library. See below for a breakdown of the three key BI Toolkit components.

Visit Behavioral Insights Toolkit


Inspires fresh ideas and approaches, grounded in research



Uses a "try, test, and improve" approach




Overviews & How-to Information

Overviews of behavioral strategies and interventions developed for UI agencies along with how-to information

Articles, Tools & Templates

Developed for the UI community to support efforts to understand and use behavioral insights


Relevant publications curated from the field of behavioral science that shed light on core behavioral concepts and research

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Why Behavioral Insights?

Behavioral Insights offers a framework for understanding people’s behaviors and choices – and the motivators and tendencies – which underlie the things they do. These insights can be helpful to government programs, as they strive to address behaviors that contribute to program challenges.

Behavioral Insights is well-suited to address fundamental behavioral problems in programs, such as:

  • Help claimants better understand UI program requirements
  • Nudge claimants about expectations when there is still time for them to meet the requirements
  • Identify and reduce obstacles to customer compliance in tax and benefits systems
  • Help claimants plan and execute better work searches
  • Support staff in communicating program changes to customers

Strategic Support

With expertise in UI and Behavioral Insights, the UI Integrity Center's team is available to provide virtual or in-person assistance for your agency. The team of subject matter experts can help your individual state with the three areas of support outlined below.

Analyze & Share

Analyze program challenges and share insights on the behavioral factors at play

Develop Recommendations

Strategies that target behaviors contributing to program problems

Provide Support

Designing interventions and conducting testing