About Us

Our Purpose

We understand the issues and challenges states face in reducing UI fraud. Creating a connection between states for knowledge sharing and support, our UI experts seek to share best practices and innovations from across the country. Our UI tools and custom services quickly put solutions at your fingertips, saving your state time and money. 

As a valued integrity resource of the UI system for more than a decade, we help states achieve goals and promote innovation. 

Unemployment Insurance Experts

The UI Integrity Center team is comprised of highly qualified UI Subject Matter Experts around the country with decades of combined experience across the workforce system. Through a personalized approach, our experts are readily available to collaborate on solutions for improving your state's improper payment rate.

Integrity Center Steering Committee

The Integrity Center Steering Committee (STCO) consists of appointed UI experts in 11 states and the USDOL who act as a governing body in guiding the Center’s work and initiatives and carrying out its mission. Note: To view Integrity Center STCO information, a member login is required. 

Integrity Center STCO

UI Subject Matter Experts

Randy Gillespie

Jim Van Erden

Ben Bakas

Amy Banicki

Bridget Fluckes

Kendrah Gonzalez

Sara Hall Phillips

Heather Johnson

Brian Langley

Evan Littrell

Jerome Lord

Jody McMillan

Maria Noble

Christine Paquette

Rebekah Roney

Emily Savard

Dianne Spears

Richard Tompkins

UI Technical Experts

Zamir Ahmad

Brandon Barr

Rutie Chen

Whitney King

James Cotter

Yuefeng Fan

Jennifer Mosby

David Nyborg

Guido Prado

Amy Smith

Eric Stilley

Chris Templeton

Richard Thielman

Jue Wang