Integrity Data Hub (IDH)

Fight Fraud with the Integrity Data Hub

A secure, robust, multi-state data system, the IDH uses advanced data cross-matching and analysis on submitted claims to help detect and prevent UI fraud and improper payments. Match results return to states for review and investigation in accordance with state policies and business practices. The IDH is easily accessible and designed to support UI agencies with varying levels of resources and technology.

 ID Verification Lookups Conducted for States



 Total Improper Payments IDH Assisted States in Preventing



All data reported as of December 2022


Cross-Matching, Fraud Alerting, and Data Analysis

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The IDH cross-matches UI claim data provided by SWA’s against multiple data sources to identify claimants that are listed in the IDH Suspicious Actor Repository (SAR), filing claims simultaneously in multiple States or outside the U.S., and using suspicious bank accounts, emails or email patterns. IDH claimant authentication services provide Identity Verification (IDV) and Bank Account Verification (BAV).

Fraud Alerting

The IDH includes a robust fraud alerting system that allows SWA’s to share information quickly and collaborate on emergent fraud activity. Users can share anecdotal information on emergent fraud schemes as well as specific data elements (ex. Names, Addresses, Bank Accounts) across the IDH UI user community.

Data Analysis

IDH is a unique national database of UI claims data. The IDH Data Team analyzes this data to identify potentially fraudulent activity. The team can then provide targeted fraud analytics information to individual states. In addition, the Data Team develops reports and visualization to assist users in fully leveraging all the capabilities of the IDH.

IDH Support Team

The IDH team has a state support team that includes operation specialists to assist state workforce agencies with the implementation and utilization of the IDH. While the specialists are available for any state, they have been assigned to regions as a point of contact. The specialists and their assigned USDOL regions are:

Mark Richmond

Regions 1, 4, & 6

Kendrah Gonzalez

Regions 2 & 5

Jerome Lord

Region 3

Continuous Evolution

The IDH Team is constantly working to add additional data sources and capabilities to enhance the IDH. If you are interested in learning more about the IDH, including the potential for a no-cost onsite visit to your State please contact us.

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