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Nevada Data Insights Award Nomination: DETR Research & Analysis Bureau Demographic Reporting Enhancements

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Nominator: Rosa Mendez, DETR PIO

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Agency Name: Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR)


DETR Research & Analysis Bureau Demographic Reporting Enhancements

Reporting efforts undertaken by the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation’s (DETR) Research and Analysis Bureau (R&A) has dramatically changed the way the state agency looks and utilizes workforce data. Specifically, the agency’s enhancements were focused on its quarterly demographics report, resulting in fine-tuned workforce data within different local regions in the state. This data provides the agency and legislature with a more detailed picture of Nevada’s underserved communities needing targeted assistance and facilitates the agency in reaching clients in the most needed areas throughout the state. Furthermore, this data is shared with agency divisions and its community partners facilitating not only better service, but a forum to talk about the relevant local data, practical solutions arising from analysis of the data, and both the challenges and the opportunities for employers engaging with underserved populations.

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DETR’s enhanced demographic report helped to facilitate the creation of Project 354. Project 354 is a coalition of workforce development agencies that have joined together with the common purpose of reducing double digit unemployment in specific zip codes (89030 and 89106). The data generated by DETR’s R&A Bureau allows the state and coalition to provide services to specific areas within the state and allows for better planning, tailoring and timing of services to better serve a designated group within an underserved area.

The pilot program was created to test and create a service network to fulfill that goal, by innovating service delivery, timing and program application to clients. The ultimate goal of the pilot is produce results for ages 16-24, by applying a human – centered approach to services and connecting clients to true employment.

This pilot program is in full support of the AB354 of the 2017 legislative session sponsored by Nevada Assemblywoman Dina Neal, which sought to reduce unemployment in these underserved communities.

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One key benefit of the approach used is that the code is built on commonly-accessible data, and so is reproducible in other states with very little modification. The methods used by R&A staff utilize free software and existing labor market information (The Census Bureau’s ACS data and the EQUI file produced for the BLS QCEW program) to produce these results on an automated basis, so these reports have significant detail produced in a sustainable, reproducible method. These reports began with an analysis of demographic data in individual counties, but have been modified to look at many different geographic regions, so that customized analysis may be generated for different regions without significant modification. The code provided below has been tested by R&A staff with other state data to make sure it is functional and adaptable once the required programs are installed, and will generate a spreadsheet of the demographic profile for each legislative district in a state.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Bureau directly by calling (775) 684-0450, or via email at


Examples of work 

NV - Largest Industries, Nevada Legislative Districts 2020.pdf (769.3KB)
NV - Workforce Details, Nevada Legislative Districts 2020.pdf (985.1KB)
NV - Legislative District Profiles - Workforce Demographics R Script 2020.pdf (18.8KB)
NV - Data Innovation Award Administrative Approval 2019-2020.pdf (68.6KB)