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Pennsylvania Award Nomination: Pa Careerlink and Library Co-location

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Nominator: Eileen Cipriani

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Agency Name: Pennsylvania Dept of Labor and Industry


PA Careerlink and Library Co-location

The Southern Alleghenies Workforce Development Board worked with the Dept. of Labor & Industry to open a second comprehensive PA CareerLink® office at a public library. This second library was in Altoona, while the first was in Johnstown, PA. The local board realized $20,000 in savings, but more importantly saw a significant increase in foot traffic in the library locations. PACareerlink partners located at this site include Wagner Peyser, Goodwill Adult(Title 1) and Youth, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Adult Literacy and Manpower.

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The co-location has saved the local board $20,000 annually. Foot traffic has increased with the Johnstown location seeing 1000 customers monthly. The partners implemented a pager system so UC customers can search for or a job or receive services while waiting to use the UC phone.

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While this project is an example of a innovative set of services, this model can be replicated statewide or nationally, allowing other local areas to take advantage of improved service delivery and cost savings.This project looked at innovative process improvement strategies, such as the UC pager system. Other improvements embraced technology such as virtual workshops between locations with ZOOM.


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