SIDES stands for State Information Data Exchange System. It is one of six services offered by the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) in partnership with the US Department of Labor to empower workforce development.

SIDES specifically supports the unemployment information processing services through its six exchanges that provide speed, accuracy and security to the processing of unemployment claims. SIDES is built specifically for states, employers, TPAs, and PEOs. It eliminates the guesswork, misinformation and lengthy processes of these claims so employers can have confidence in not only the validity of claims but the payout of funds.

Life Cycle of a UI Claim: 1. Claimant files a UI Claim 2. Monetary eligibility determined 3. Additional Fact-Finding 4. Non-monetary eligibility determined 5. Possible earnings detected 6. Benefit charged determined 7. Employer pays UI taxes

Meet the SIDES Team

The SIDES team consists of five people who are solely focused on the continuous growth and enhancements of the SIDES exchanges, customer service and technical questions for current users, and the education and ongoing learning for states and employers who are using SIDES.

Jerry Pectol

Christina Corbett

Maridale Vanek

Julianne Zawislak

Kerri McNair

SIDES System Integration Contact Information

To learn about integrating SIDES System Integration and other general questions, please contact the SIDES Business Team.

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SIDES Security

SIDES Exchanges operate on a secure, private cloud protected by multiple redundant firewalls. The system has continuous vulnerability and penetration testing performed to ensure the highest level of security, and the network and server performance is monitored in real-time.